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“Jim is one of my favorite Pianists, period. He has a gorgeous and elegant touch with an uncanny ability to reharmonize the chordal structure on the spot, deepening the already rich harmonies. Something that I think distinguishes Trompeter’s playing also, is his ability and awareness of building tension and telling a story. As his solo’s progress, the rhythmic intensity rises, which is a very satisfying thing to listen to.”
Dave Liebman, Jazz Artist
Jim Live in Concert at 2008 Chicago Jazz Festival

Jim has just released two exciting CD’s. One is a studio recording; the other a live session recorded at the storied Green Mill Jazz Club in Chicago. Click here to read the reviews.



This CD represents a myriad of recording sessions and jazz sounds from various periods — showing Jim as pianist, composer, and arranger in a variety of settings. The original pieces feature some wonderful artists, Paul Wertico, Steve Rodby, Rick Margitza, Mark Walker and Andy Snitzer — whose performances were magical. Eric Hochberg and Mike Raynor contibute on the trio material. Rick Fritz was the top notch engineer, whose mastering skillfully combined many disparate musical performances together into one CD. Click here for more info.


Jim Trompeter Quintet
Live at the Green Mill

People have been coming the Green Mill to hear quality, on-the-edge live jazz for literally decades. Jim has played regularly there for many years, and now you have the opportunity to listen in on a night at the Green Mill without the travel. Click here for more info.

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